The Attacks of the Enemy

I obtained the promise I waited for. I thought I was going to walk into the sunset of marital bliss…

On one hand yes…the other, no.

My husband is quite possibly the kindest man I’ve ever met. He is gentle, soft spoken, and his eyes glitter when I look at them. I love all the “unlovable” imperfections and when I wake up in the middle of the night and roll over to hear him breathing, my cheeks turn up into a smile at how he loves me. He is constantly thinking of me. If I can’t find my phone, usually he’s put it on charge for me. My water cup is never empty, and my tummy is never hungry. He insists on me making sure I take care of myself, he insists on me not allowing myself to be disrespected…even by my own children.

He is everything I asked for and more. We have prayed for people and seen them healed. We have walked people through emotional healing and helped set them free, we have watched a woman remove her knee braces and do squats- something she had previously been unable to do. We have done damage to the kingdom of the enemy…and that means we have a target on our backs.

Typically the enemy will attack you in the area of your calling. He’s trying to discourage you, tear you down and stop you from moving forward. He’s trying to label you as something you are not. DO NOT agree with him!!

I often tell people when helping them decipher their dreams is that sometimes we have dreams that are “Second Heaven” dreams, which is enemy territory. This happens when you are not seated in your heavenly place, you aren’t where you should be and it’s a call to come higher. There is a benefit to this though, it enables you to see the plots and plans of the enemy and with those tidbits of knowledge you can war against his tactics and shut down his plans before they begin because he is not more powerful than you. The same goes with enemy attacks, there’s a positive side to it as it’s helpful to see what he is targeting in your life.

Lucas and I have a solid unity. The enemy has tried over and over again to attack our unity. We have had junk slung at us from inside and outside our camp, and even words from the mouth of my own child saying his goal was to separate us because he wanted to go back to his easy life back home. He’s got chores now, he’s held accountable for his shenanigans and we don’t take no for an answer. Things got stricter for my son for sure. He really fought back for a while until a DCS person told him (after he “ran away” and told our neighbor that we carry him like a rag doll to his room when he won’t go…my son was laughed at by the guy) that it’s NOT better “out there” and that in our home and care was the safest place for him.

I’m going to take a moment and talk about boundaries. Something I thought I understood but did not fully understand.

He’s not used to having boundaries. We gave the kids the woods and the creek to roam free and have fun, until they violated that by dragging an exercise machine into the water and breaking a neighbors shovel. So we changed the boundaries, violated again. Changed the boundaries, each time bringing them closer in. They had the entire cul-de-sac to ride their bikes until we saw that they had crossed a major and very busy road. So we made the boundary half way down the street, violated again. We made it the end of the driveway. Violated again repeatedly. So now currently they are only allowed to play in the back yard with the hammock and the trampoline and the swing and the other swing and the slide and the tree house…Somehow these things are not enough…they continue to try and go into the neighbors backyard. The joys of not having fences. I recall sitting in the hammock one morning sitting with Father and asking Him what He saw. He started talking about trees. Here’s what Holy Spirit relayed to me:

HS: The road of a Pioneer is never easy. Thank you for being willing to walk it.
Me: But what if I stumble?
HS: Then clear the rocks away for those who will come behind you.
Me: What am I supposed to be doing and learning for myself?
HS: Keep doing what you love, multiple streams of income will flow from that space. I created you with these joys on purpose. Keep learning.
Me: What about nature? What about healing? I want to be more and better at it.

I began to see a tree in our backyard that has vines growing around it and it’s choking it out and then it turned into a person with chains wrapped around them.

HS: Loose the chains of injustice
Me: How do we loose the chains of injustice?

Holy Spirit began showing me a person growing beyond their chains, it almost looked like the Hulk busting out of large heavy chains and breaking free.

HS: Chains say “you can’t” but growing past them says “you can.” It’s all about permission. Someone who has been allowed to, will and they will keep going and growing and taking ground without boundaries or knowing where to stop. When boundaries (physical and spiritual) are set, people feel safe to grow, when they are not, they grow wildly (like the vines on the tree), without regard for what is around them. Boundaries builds awareness and provides an area of safety to grow. Like the vines on the tree, they have no boundaries and so they have consumed another in its own growth forgetting that it’s survival is dependent on that which it grows.

HS: When people are in bondage, they are not allowed to grow. Life with Me provides freedom to grow inside safe, loving, kind and just boundaries. My boundaries respects the boundaries of others to grow. It does not hinder another’s progress and yet no one is above another to not have the same growth opportunity. I have a special place in the chambers of My heart for each person to grow and thrive without growing over and causing another to live in bondage because of their actions. My heart is big enough for each of you to step in and receive.

When HS said that last sentence I understood it to be loaded with more than just a statement. It was a BE READY to receive because it’s coming, what I have for you.

I then asked HS about wanting to walk more in the space and time anointing and HS said:
Time is just another chain, a boundary that man has bound himself by. Choose to go and grow beyond time. These chains no longer hold you, Jesus set you free from those already. This is why all My promises are yes and amen in Me- Because I have already made room for them in the boundary lines I have set for you and why they have landed in good places. I have gone before you. Like a well orchestrated symphony I have synchronized the lines to move in harmony, each instrument having their own lines to play. The harmony and melody all working together to form a grand picture of my plans, each persons tent pegs expanding to reach the corners of another but not overreaching, forming a covering and a web of connection of my lovers over the earth. Ask me and I will expand you (all the way out to maximum capacity.)

Man, talk about being blown away. I went out there to ask about my kids and was initially frustrated when I wasn’t hearing what I wanted to hear. I was like GIVE ME STRATEGY! GIVE ME BREAKTHROUGH! So often we go before Him like He’s a grand cookie jar and I’m just gonna reach in and take what I want. That’s not relationship. That’s convenience.

But that’s how my kids were treating me. I was their grand cookie jar, and they were taking what they wanted. I was the great tree being choked out by the unruly vines. I was the one that needed to set the standard. I was the problem. I had allowed my children to grow all over me and didn’t set boundaries. This was why I was having such a hard time with them. I was breaking learned behaviors. Holy Spirit was gently telling me that I was the problem and I needed to learn how to put boundaries in place with my children and be consistent. I’m happy to say that I feel like things are getting better. It was touch and go for a while, especially when my son decided he was going to run away (he didn’t go far) because he wasn’t getting his way. We have half a dozen books on our nightstand that we consult for strategy often, as well as sitting in prayer together seeking His heart.

So, back to my original thoughts…The enemy will always attack you in the area of your calling. Our calling is kids. Helping children and teens heal emotionally from traumatic experiences, and let me tell you between my husbands 5 and my own 2, we have our hands full. But Father always wants us to set our own “house” in order before He sends us out. Our “house” is our training ground. It’s not easy honestly…Especially when healing of a child comes out of a trust relationship and they are hell bent on the opposite. One of the kids has been extremely disrespectful to me from the get-go and doesn’t care who he hurts. My son just wants his way. My daughter developed an attitude that was a mimic of another kid, they bounce off each other and take on things another of them does. One day my son told us that he hears voices. We struggled with that one, a friend had to come in and help us. The day before, he had been in his room hysterically crying and his eyes did not look normal, they looked like snake eyes. I recalled a dream I had about a tiny tiger that had swallowed a snake and it had latched on to the sinus membrane in it’s throat (affecting the spiritual senses) and I realized that was exactly what I was seeing. I gently put my hands on the side of his face and commanded the spirit to come out and in under 30 seconds he had stopped and was once again in control of himself. We have faced so much adversity in the last almost 6 months, and I realized it’s because the enemy wants to speak the OPPOSITE of what Fathers heart is over us. He’s trying to label us, and nothing is sticking. Every accusation that has been thrown at us has been overturned and unfounded…When He said,

“No weapon formed against you shall prosper” in Isaiah 54:17, he meant it! But it doesn’t mean the weapons won’t form. I have family and friends making assumptions and jumping to conclusions, and I truly want them to know that we ARE safe, no one is in danger or being harmed (Ok, I did get a black eye almost 2 weeks ago and Lucas and I were both shocked by it all).

The whining you hear coming from my house is the setting of boundaries, the retraining of unruly vines to grow where they are allowed. The warfare against that is the enemy angry that we are taking ground back in the lives of our children. Training children is much easier when they are young, as they get older it’s much harder. But in order to help them heal emotionally, they have to have boundaries and know that they can grow in a safe place. That they can make mistakes like spray-paint the neighbors garage and learn the lesson that it’s wrong and against the law to do so now while they are young, so when they are old they know there are boundaries, at home and in every day life.

When you take enemy ground, he’s going to fight back. Make no mistake. But you have the upper hand because you fight from a place of authority, and the enemy already sits in a place of defeat. So friends, keep taking that ground back. Keep taking the land for the Kingdom of Heaven. It’s your inheritance, and every bit you take now belongs to you.

Keep fighting the good fight. And remember to be still and let the Lord fight for you. The battle is His, we don’t wage war against flesh and blood.


PS…I forgive you my friend for sharing information with people without actually knowing the whole story and making snap judgments based on a picture. The police officers that came to my house last night to do a welfare check because there was apparent “abuse” by my husband were the same ones who came out and assisted us with the situation almost two weeks ago. If my husband had been at fault, he would have been arrested but he wasn’t. They too thought the call was strange. Next time, ask me…I will tell you the story myself.

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