Christmas Tree Trophy

“Cause baby everything you are, is everything I need, you’re everything to me. Baby, every single part is who you’re meant to be cause you were meant for me and you’re everything I need…”

She belted out the words in her own private studio as she drove down the two-lane highway. He was singing to her. He always sang to her, reminding her that despite the years of rejection, she was not rejected. She was fully known and Loved by Poppa God. She knew it, she believed it too because the perceived value others placed on her was no longer her concern.

The rain on the freeway splattered her windshield as the wipers made the familiar squish-squish noise as they moved back and forth. She was going there again. To the place where she saw and met her first angel, the place where she could go safely and spill her heart in prayer and praise.

Music and song spilling out of her soul as she paced the sidewalk, eyes closed with only the wall to keep her from falling over as she paced. Poppa always knew which song to play next, and she lent her voice in praise to the God of the universe. She greeted Stewart, her angel friend and prayed in agreement with the Word of the Lord over that church body, they even sang together with a few others who joined in.

The sight inside the church was filled with Christmas Trees. At least a dozen, maybe two, smartly staged in the foyer and sanctuary, lights still lit. The dazzle of lights was always so inspiring to her, she saw the lights of one reflecting through the glass cubes on the outer wall and the briefest of thoughts crossed her mind.

Earlier that day she read something on Facebook about a Christmas Tree in heaven and in that moment with the soft white lights sparkling through the glass cubes, the question flashed through her mind in a milliseconds time, the answer coming just as quickly on its heels.

“Are there really Christmas Trees in heaven?” Her brain asked.

The answer came as a shock and a joy, “Of course there are; spoils of war.”

Spoils of war?? She knew the history. A pagan ritual to a god of fertility celebrated during the most dormant time of year; the winter solstice. A celebration of life with an “evergreen” tree in hopes of a good crop come spring, and babies too. When the emperor Constantine changed the official religion of the country (Rome) from pagan/idol worship to Christianity, the tree came with it.

She knew that this was where most religious Christians either made excuses for the tree or fully rejected it. And this was the point where the Holy Spirit rocked her world. There was always that worry that she was doing the wrong thing…but Holy Spirit showed her that when the power of the cross defeated paganism in that country, it was the beginning of the end of a spiritual war.

And to the victor goes the spoils.

“You mean the Christmas Tree is a giant TROPHY??” She asked aloud as a white car pulled up seeking Pokémon. She hid behind a square pillar and struggled to contain her excitement at the revelation. Minutes felt like forever until finally the car left and she could freely feel as light as air. Her heart seemed to dance across the sidewalk.

She began to feel bold and asked a new question. If we made another religions celebrated icon our trophy…how could we do that to another holiday.

“Holy Spirit, how can we do this same thing with Halloween??” She asked.

“Death has been defeated” was the reply.