Terrific Testimony

For 3 long years I have been fervently praying for my promises and preparing for it and recently came to a time about 6 months ago where I felt like I had dropped the ball in regards to my kids.

No, dropping the ball is putting it too nicely. The ache inside said, “Congratulations. You failed your children. No one is going to want you now. Any man would scream and run, but your promised husband, it’s going to wreck him. It’s going to break him, which will break you too. Just let it go…save yourself the embarrassment…”

That devil knows how to play my fears like a fiddle. Sometimes it’s easier to make excuses than it is to wait. Sometimes the cop-out is “Hey, it’s okay if I was wrong, let’s move on,” but that’s not the voice of faith. So my prophesied help arrived. My dad. I cannot tell you how glad I am that he is here! I love him sooooo much and we get along really really well! In the last 4.5 months so many miracles have happened I wouldn’t know where to start! But there’s one in particular I do want to share.

A week ago today in the early morning hours I wake up a sleeping boy and he whispers, “Mom, go get Sophia up first.” And so I do. I come back and wake him up and unfortunately I interrupted his trip to heaven where Jesus was taking him to go say hi to my aunt…


“Oh yeah, and I dreamed that Jesus had taken me down to the river to baptize me and the devil came down and wanted to fight so Jesus fought him and then baptized me. Mom, can I get baptized?”

“Ummm…yeah bud. You absolutely can.”

I’m still trying to process it all, honestly. I thought I failed. So many years of finger pointing directed at me for issues with disrespect, talking back, lack of responsibility, refuses to do chores and I’ve tried for so long and then my dad comes and all the things I couldn’t make happen, happen. Yeah I’ll admit I needed some training, some adult reassurance and direction…but suddenly the kids I swore I had failed have become new. You see, because my son made the choice, my daughter followed suit. Both were baptized that night in the bathtub.

And I’m believing for miracles in their lives and in their hearts because I didn’t fail them…because it was never my job.

He who is faithful will complete the work He started in me…and my kids. Grateful to know I’m somewhat off the hook (I still have to disciple them and parent them) and that God is working in their hearts and minds.

Thank You Jesus, for chasing my children ♥️