Reap and sow

God’s judgement is always restorative. Whenever he judges a person or ministry, it is always so the error can be clearly seen and we can go back to the drawing board with Him and do what He has called us to.

Did you know anything you put your hand to that He has not called you to do is chaff in the wind…

So that church you are pastoring when you know you belong in the marketplace…burnt up like hay. That soup kitchen you are running when you should be fostering kids, charred like wood. We need to be seeking Him in regards to our scrolls and asking Jesus to break the seals so we can accomplish all He set out for us to do.

That might ruffle more than a few feathers…take it up with Him.

So I had another dream. It was about a mobile home park on a dead and parched piece of land. I know from years ago in a dream I had about myself and my now ex-husband that mobile homes represent foundation-less structures. The Bible says that Jesus is our foundation and without it we have people and ministries that can be shaken, swayed, bent and easily ruined.

On one of these mobile home spaces was no mobile but an old rusty Pinto with the back window busted out. It had this pieced together trailer that looked like bits of wood slapped together with some wheels thrown on. The woman I was with warned me as we left her mobile home that the parents had recently been diagnosed with a swift moving cancer and to not be startled at the appearance of the baby.

I was not startled. I was horrified. It’s skin was a sickly sallow-green. It’s teeth were cracked and filled with black, it’s fingernails and toenails looked the same and was surprised it was even alive. The baby was sitting in its car seat, the T-shirt it was wearing was a grey brown dirty colored shirt that was once white. She grabs him out of the car and brings it inside so he’s not sitting in a hot car. Suddenly the parents are there inside one of the bedrooms talking to another neighbor. The woman doesn’t look sick, she’s definitely pregnant though. She’s raving about their home (rusty Pinto) and says her favorite place to sit is by the busted out back window. The husband also looks healthy. The woman bends over and calls her baby “Frankie” over…a nickname for Frankenstein.

This couple represents people in ministry, people with a view that looks to the past instead of to the future. Their flesh has desired ministry and to be known by others and this is a cancer known as “self.” When we plant seeds and churches and ministries based on our own flesh and desires we create ministries only fit for the walking dead. The vehicle is old, rusted over and the trailer is slapped together without care, we have carried along theology that has been pieced together by man and man’s understanding, and we have taken little care in the delivery of the word of God and the believers in the church are protecting these Frankenstein ministries. The seeds we are sowing are dead works. The benefits we are reaping are even worse.

There is a new thing rising up. The way forward will not look like the past. At all. In fact it’s going to challenge your thinking, your theology and everything you thought you knew. There will be those who will freely receive the new information and seek the Lord over it, and those who will fully reject it.

The thing is, you are powerful to disagree. This isn’t a matter of salvation. It’s a matter of storing up treasure in heaven and leveling up in our maturity. Not all ministries will survive what the Lord is doing. Some will have much grace about it, some will not.