I had a dream last night.

Actually I’ve had a few lately and a few is modest. So I laid down, closed my eyes and began dancing in a ballroom with Jesus as we twirled around higher up into space. I was singing a mashup of two Kari Jobe songs where they, put together go like this, “And you sweep me away, sweep me away in your love, where nothing else matters; speak to me, I’m listening” and He said “I have already ironed out words for you.”

My heart jumped. Because I wasn’t yet asleep enough to be dreaming and yet I knew what it was He needed me to share. Both are hard.

I will spare you the dreams as not everyone understands them, but there are some that leave their mark like these. I will try to be quick as they are warnings and corrections and lately super wordy prophetic words have seemed to feel grating and repetitive.

The first warning being: Be careful who you follow.

In the dream a well known prophetic voice was huddled around a line of poor people standing in line for food. We were starving and discovered his wife had infiltrated our ranks, playing sob stories and sympathizing with others and more and more would chime in to express their similar stories of heartache, pain and our years of waiting. The “good doctor” stood by waiting, listening and taking notes. He wasn’t actually hearing from the Lord. He may have been in the past or even currently but there was a hunger to manufacture something based on the heart strings his wife pulled of his followers- the hungry believers waiting to be fed…until a Nickname slipped and suspicions grew among the people.

I then saw a Celtic rune map on a table and the center piece said MUN (sounds like myoon)

I looked up the meanings:

It was M, U, N.

M means: Self, Mankind, Culture, Friends

U: Strength, power, courage, ox (which an ox in Hebrew is God- the Aleph)

N: Need, Necessity, Hardship and Delays

The false prophets are basically Spying on us, gathering information and using God as the means of delivery and they are preying on our needs, hardships and delays of promises to speak a word and gain our trust.

My warning to you here is, if they are asking for money in any fashion (aka consider supporting this ministry or buy my books or even mention tithing… aka they have turned the church into a marketplace) RUN!

The next dream I had startled me. It wasn’t scary, just shocking.

I was in a place in the Spirit and I was small. Thumbelina sized- at least compared to what was next. I walked with an elder and a young man with curly red hair. They were giving me a grand tour and I saw that we were in a hospital. The walls were a pretty mint green and the medical equipment and technology looked about 1950’s in age. They said it was the most preserved thing that they had. They protected this old thing by upholding the state and date it was created in. We got off into a darker corner and there was a bed and this GIANT heap laying on it. I could see cords connected to it and wondered if whatever was under there was even still alive or if it was in a coma. the woman elder said she was one of my kind. A little girl (little in appearance but her sheer size was in no way little) then to my surprise pulled the blanket from over her head and startled me! In the next scene we were helping to brush her teeth as color began to return to her very grey complexion. The elder woman said with care the little girl could be well again.

Before I go on, the Lord needs people who are willing to partner with Him to bring life back to the church. It’s going through a sifting, some churches who are operating out of the flesh will disappear, others will restructure and leadership will change. The grieving of the Holy Spirit will be a thing of the past.

I do however want to explain the girl. She has a multifaceted message.

First of all, women are half of Gods makeup, His personality, in perfect circumstances a married couple was meant to display God in His fullness of character. Women were never meant to be sidelined. If you think this is false due to some things Paul said, you need to do some history research.

Second, we have silenced our child-like faith. It’s on life support. The Bible says that ANYTHING is possible with God. Why do we limit what He can do strictly to what we see in the Bible. The Bible is a conversation started with the Holy Spirit. There aren’t enough libraries in the world to house the books on the works of Jesus during His 3.5 years on earth and greater things He has for us to do. Don’t limit him. Renew your mind…revive your imagination because nothing is impossible. If you can think it or dream it, ask Him to help you make it happen!

Third, and maybe most important; we have preserved the church in a place that is old. We keep polishing the woodwork and touching up the paint on the walls, we are stuck in a past age of success and haven’t grown out of it. The church isn’t maturing, she’s on life support. If we want to change what we see we need to begin changing what we say. We must change the narrative and begin speaking life!