Poured out heart

My Love, my Lord, this new season just began and my sisters and brothers in the faith and I feel like we have our heads on a swivel. So many things you have warned me about and yet I hadn’t realized everything would begin to occur at once. So many things coming at us and yet this morning you gave me the perfect analogy:

Are you feeling like the walls are closing in? It’s like so many things are happening all at once…like when you rearrange your icons on your phone. On my iPhone they all shake. And we feel the shaking. It’s in this space that God has access to the X…the ability to purge you and your life of the unnecessary. To rearrange your priorities and it’s in that shaking where we feel the pressure of the movement in our heart. But He has His finger on the pulse of our lives and in this shaking and purging we will be rearranged and refreshed for His glory. Give in to the pressure of the Potters Hands and be moved by His heart over you.

We have to resolve to stay in a place of flexibility and let our fears and worries dissolve. Where He is taking us we must be willing to lay the things on our hearts down at His feet no matter what is taking place. There isn’t a thing that Elohim can’t overcome. He is not deaf to your cry, he is not blind to your plight. He knows every step you take before you take it, the end of the path from the beginning.

Take a moment to sit and thank him for having you so securely and then lay out all your concerns and things that worry you. Invite him into that space in your heart and mind and ask him to bring confidence to your heart- confidence that He who has promised is faithful and no measure of your worry will benefit you. Surrender your heart to this time of shifting and transition and allow the Lord God to move you.

You are a shining city on a hill. Don’t turn out the lights!