Of crumbs and cotton tails

There is a war being waged by nimble fingertips on keyboards across the country…

…across the world.

As Hope alights on the invisible fires lit and burning in our nations capital, corruption fueling the fire as more and more Americans wake up to the events unfolding as the 17th letter of the alphabet anonymously lights our candles as we rub sleepy eyes and step out to brave the Information Age- the information we ignored.

With eyes to see and ears to hear, we lift our faces from the games we play and the memes we write and laugh at to realize lives are being risked for us, and yet we trail along in life’s sweet ignorance, blind to the truth that has been staring us in the face and we have dared to ignore.

We have dared to ignore.

We have dared to ignore the brokenness, the division, we have embraced ignorance in an age where information is so readily available but yet so controlled because they know information in our hands is a weapon of warfare. A halberd in the hands of a skilled warrior, a keyboard warrior for now it is our time! Our time to lay our lives and reputations on the line for what is good and right and true! Our time to risk it all when so many have gone before us to protect our right to freedom and liberty and the pursuit of happiness, that in this land we are FREE because of the brave but for many years we have been bound in chains.

Every year, every day and every moment we are being stolen from, over and over again. Our senses being desensitized senselessly until the sheep sheepishly surrender to the mountain cliff. One. After. Another. They jump. Unwilling to continue in a world that has grown cold. Unsure of who they are, unsure of their value, unsure if they matter because our desensitized natures has caused us to wander aimlessly, selfishly, pointlessly. Given high goals, a consumerism nature where everything points to me and what I need and want, where instant gratification lessens the desire for human interaction and a phone or a tablet or tv or video game has replaced our relationships so we are so zoned out we would be better use asleep. At least then we could be woken up.

Hypnotized and paralyzed by the next best thing, those high up are corrupting things. They steal from us weekly with unconstitutional taxes, they are robbing us blind as they slip right past us our social security, retirement, and they are calling it taxes, wake up America! We are calling you back now.

Stand up and fight the best way that you can, arm yourself with information and knowledge before it too is taken from us. Study your history with all that you’ve got because our future will be better understood in the books with the dust. When this is all over, History will have to be re-written, to include the corruption and tell the truth from within.

For a man God ordained to drain out our swamp, the Bible it says (believe it or not) that when the Lord restores His people to their rightful place, the rest of the world will see judgement instead. They see things taken from them at the left and the right and completely misunderstand the reason we fight. There are powers at work that we don’t understand that feeds off of sex and dead babies in the can. Blood and sex sacrifices to the gods and spirits of this world, they don’t realize that death has been unfurled.

My dear American, my comrade, my neighbor; please don’t judge me, just do me a favor. Follow the white rabbit wherever it may lead, and qmap.pub is where you may be freed. So follow this rabbit down into the hole and you will find all that Wonderland has to behold. There’s stories of heroes, of liars and pawns, there’s stories of evil Satan spawn. Don’t cover your ears, please don’t cover your eyes so what’s coming next doesn’t come as a surprise.

Let the cards fall where they may, Alice.

Yes, let them fall.

Where we go one, we go all.