No audience


Some days the noise of this world screams so loud that I long for the silence. The days where the only thing I hear is my cat purring. No TV, sometimes a little bit of music. To hear nothing but the beating of your heart in the purely silent moments of life.

Some day I will allow someone to join me in silence, where there’s no pressure to fill space and time with noise but just their presence is enough to fill ten thousand conversations. To know that in that moment, in the silence that my presence is enough, that his presence-your presence is enough. To know that you are sound in yourself, and that you are enough. That I am enough.

Lord, as I sit in the silence with you- I know that You are enough for me, and that You are enough for us. And that someday soon you will turn a me into a we, and the silence before you will resonate 2 heartbeats as one.