Restored to Royalty

I’ve been waiting on some things to occur in my life. Some really super amazing things.

But at the same time I’ve been going through some difficult things. The enemy has a way of getting in our head and we allow his lies to wedge in our hearts in our moments of weakness. The last two weeks had been so incredibly hard in many ways and the Lord is always faithful to bring us through but we still have these moments of fear and doubt where we are certain our future is at risk.

And yet His word says He will bring us to an expected end (Jeremiah 29:11). How silly of us to worry when His word has promised us a future of His design.

So, I’m a lover of vintage. I love things that have a history and a story to tell.

Last weekend, as per the norm, I found myself perusing the various thrift stores looking for treasures. I’m redecorating my room in a bit of a Victorian theme and so I was looking for candle holders and silver tea trays for trinkets on my dresser. I found a vintage Avon ring from the 70’s, some beautiful silver tea spoons and a tray and some decorative boxes. $12 later I moved on to the next thrift store. I don’t generally like Savers…they are overpriced. But I wasn’t in a hurry so I wandered around. Finally done (and spending more than I wanted to), I made my way to the jewelry counter.

I look at a few pieces and then I look over at this unusually massive ring with probably a 10 carat sized Amethyst colored stone. I joked with the lady and said, “My goodness, that thing looks like it’s from, straight outta China!” She chuckles and I pick up a few more. I for some reason pick up this giant clobber of a ring and look on the inside and see 14k. So my giggling smirk turned serious as I flipped over the tag. $8…

“Um, yeah. I’ll take this,” and walk to go check out. I am laughing all the way to the car and when I sit down I begin to look at this ring. It’s probably going to be the reason for my next black eye but on inspection I begin laughing. Inside the band it says 14k PLAT which is a stamp for Gold as we all know, and Platinum. More valuable than gold. On the inside of the band it reads in script L.W.P 7/25/32.




This was someone’s engagement or wedding ring. It’s got minimal wear on the band. It has enamel in the corners and hand made platinum flowers that hold the stone in place. This ring has been well taken care of. I begin researching wedding and engagement rings for the 1930’s and realize they are all silver. The depression began in 1929, and Gold confiscation by the government began in April of 1933. Granted it was gold bullion and coin and certificates, a ring like this would have made the woman wearing it a target on the streets. It was definitely a commission piece and expensive. The man who bought it most certainly loved the woman whose finger it was on as I imagine it lightened his wallet significantly.

Two+ years ago now the Lord gave me three numbers: 66, 88, 111. I knew the 88 was for my new beginning, and the 66 was unity of man. This ring is 86 years old. Well it’s birthday was just this past Wednesday, a mere 4 days after my $8 (new beginnings) purchase.

I honestly have been over the moon over this ring. It’s a monstrous thing fit for a king! Which triggered my dream reflex. I searched for dreams from 7/25/2017:

-Was looking in a pond and found magic, something that restored me to royalty. I kept checking to see if it was real and it was- it wasn’t going away. Saw this three different times in the same way but different places

-kept dreaming about hidden tiaras

And what makes this even more amazing…the cherry on top? The evidence in His word of this promise He has made to me:

2 Samuel 7:25

25 “And now, Lord God, keep forever the promise you have made concerning your servant and his house. Do as you promised,

Yes Lord, do as you promised.

Until then, I praise you for it.


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