The NEW Wineskins

Recently the Lord has been showing me that I have a fear. A fear of releasing His words and instead it being my own words. I have a fear of the backlash I would receive because what He’s been speaking to me isn’t…comfortable. It’s not fluffy and sweet…It’s an exhortation. A correction. It’s funny, correction is something that I struggle with in real life with my children. People say that they are out of hand because I’m not spanking them, when really it’s something else entirely; they aren’t broken and afraid of me. Rather they know they have the freedom to be themselves and learn all while learning (slowly) the right and wrong way to behave.  I’m of the mind that correction isn’t a beating or a yelling or anything like that. The shepherds staff is in the shape of a candy cane. When you “spare the rod, spoil the child” it means when you  fail to use the crook of the staff to draw them in and teach them something in love in those moments where everything is falling apart, you will spoil them because they won’t understand the Fathers love for them. The shepherd never uses his staff to beat his sheep. Otherwise they wouldn’t love him, they would run from him. But he uses the crook to draw them closer and keep them from danger, and the other end to drive off enemies.

Correction in society across many hundreds of years has used this scripture and twisted it terribly to support corporal punishment. Beating our children into submission, causing them to be fearful of us and the pain which we have the power to exert over them, which translates into fearing some wrathful angry God and fearing us as parents, and it breaks the will of the child. Who wants to run to that when they made a mistake or are afraid? Granted, fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, but it is fear of His authority and the things He is VERY capable of doing to teach us His ways. It’s like I tell Jeremiah when I’ve caught him stealing; God’s kids will ALWAYS get caught when they do something wrong. Learn from me here and now before a higher land authority catches you. It may be easier to answer to me, but answering to the Police…not as easy. I also have the authority as a parent to take him to the police should he not learn from me. From a child’s perspective- that’s scary.

So, I submit this correction from the Fathers heart with love.

To my unfaithful church,

Why have you closed your doors and not let Me in? Don’t you know how My heart beats for you? I’ve given you the land, I’ve given you good things and yet I AM not invited into the houses of worship and praise. I AM left out on the porch to listen to the songs that you would sing to Me. So I do not hear them. I will not beg you to let Me in. I’ve been patient and now as it is written:  “For it is time for judgment to begin with God’s household; and if it begins with us, what will the outcome be for those who do not obey the gospel of God?” (1 Peter 4:17)

The Lord says that now is the time that He is cleaning house. He is cleaning out the churches that profess His name but do not allow Him in. He is deposing leadership, making room for the new. Making room for those who are and will remain sensitive to His leading. It is no longer business as usual, buildings will become vacant, and those who really weren’t after my heart will leave and never return.

The Lord is using this to shock some people back to life!! Pastors who once led dead churches will fly in the Spirit like they have never experienced before. They will lose, but OH the heights they will gain! People who once sat in service just doing what they were taught to do will encounter Him like never before. He has saved a place just for them! This is the sifting of the church. The purpose is to weed out those whose hearts don’t and never will respond to His call, and to bring all the Lazarus hearts to life.

This is the call to the dry bones!! The Lord is asking CAN THESE DRY BONES LIVE!!

YES! Yes Lord and they surely will live! They will climb the mountain of the Lord and they will seek His face and be brought into the shelter of His wings! They will sing for him and not have a microphone to sing through, they will play and dance for Him with no one to watch and they won’t care! It’s not a stage they seek, but His heart! This sifting will cause a hole in our society. This is not a light matter. People who are not anointed to do His work will gather the tares and do business as usual.

Not us.

He’s given me a warning to be VERY careful to not take up the ways of old. That once it falls, to not pick it back up again, to not follow it’s mold because we are new wine being poured into New Wineskins, and the old wineskin of the church is no longer good enough. There is a new way, and we need to remain close to His heart in order to hear and be led by Him into this place. Please church, stay prayerful and alert and close to His heart. Lay your head on His chest and listen to His heartbeat for you…and march to it.

Poppa God,

We want and need more of you. There are those in need of awakening and we cry out and declare to them AWAKE! AWAKE! Come alive! There are hearts that have been marked by you and we declare those who have been asleep all this time will rise at the call of Jesus like when he commanded Lazarus to come out. Let new fire run through the veins of your people. Let your fire consume them to walk out the plans of their life that you put in place from before the earth began.  We praise you for everything you are and everything you have done, and we humble ourselves before you. Thank you for loving us, thank you for finding us in the dark of life and breathing your life into us. All to you we owe and surrender. Let Your will be done.