Going up; Going down

If you’re around my age you might recall a show from your childhood called Mr. Belvedere. This morning and around this time last year I woke up with the song in my head which prompted me to google some lyrics (again):

Streaks on the china,
never mattered before,
who cares.When you dropped kicked your jacket
As you came through the door,
No one glared.But sometimes things get turned around
And no one’s spared.

All hands look out below
There’s a change in the status quo.
Gonna need all the help that we can get.

According to our new arrival
Life is more than mere survival
We just might live the good life yet.

I took it last year to mean that life as we know it is changing before our very eyes. The turn around is here! The New Wine is here! I seem to be on a turnaround time of a year for recent dreams and words that He’s given me. He’s reconfirming things He said a year ago.
This morning He gave me “Real Estate” and “Building Value” and He’s speaking to new things inside of you and how He’s building value inside of ourselves and our lives. He is doubling our return, building our faith and we have to keep holding on to the things He has promised us.  He’s bringing us into our places for those of us who are with Him and in relationship with Him.
There’s a sifting coming to the church.
I’ve been sitting on a dream for a week or so. I woke up grieved again in the Spirit. There’s a division happening right now in the Body of Christ where the Lord is drawing a line of separation between His true Church and the pretenders.
I was on an airplane. There were two of them side by side and they were both a maroon color sitting on the ground in a parking lot with ramps in front of them. Mrs Grieve, my son’s special needs resource teacher was on that plane and I thought it would be good to be over there for my son. As I was on the phone to see about switching planes, both planes took off and I watched out the window as the other plane hit the ramp and one set of tires missed the ramp and it launched into the air at an angle, broke apart and the tail end crashed to the ground, and the part that was holding the people came down after it and landed face down and I didn’t hear anything- no plane crash noises…except I heard and saw the blood splatter. It was the loudest thing I’d heard and I knew that every body on that plane, every person who has suppressed and grieved the Holy Spirit by keeping God’s people from flying higher would be dealt with.
There are a few ways we can grieve the Holy Spirit. Acts 7:51 speaks about resisting the Spirit, 1 Thessalonians 5:19 is about quenching the Spirit and Ephesians 4:30 is about grieving the Spirit. It all means we aren’t allowing Him to lead our services and our lives. Have a predictable church service? Sing 3-4 songs and then you’re on to the message? Is it all pretty well structured, or unpredictable. A Spirit led service is unpredictable and the message you get from it will pierce your heart. Are you encountering God? Being convicted? Being fed milk? Or meat? Does your pastor open his Bible? Does he pause in an effort to listen to the leading of the Spirit? I’ve been in services where the music goes on and on, He’s speaking through people and there are people huddled around others as they cry out…all without human prompting. And I’ve been through services where no one sings but the people on stage.  It also means that we aren’t allowing the Lord to mold us and shape us. We are pushing back on the things we know we need to change rather than surrendering these things to Him and allowing Him to move through us.
This dividing line is meant to do two things; separate the wheat from the chaff and cause those who recognize that the line has been drawn and He’s calling to turn and seek Him. He will restore all who seek His restoration if they find themselves on the wrong side of the plumb line, just like Peter when he denied Jesus 3 times. Sifted and restored.  He’s set a standard and He will lift up men and women to meet that standard in His Body, those who will go out and do great things for Him. This is His way of calling those who have slipped into complacency back to His heart. He has a desire for you, a burning desire and He will use this to chase after you. Because He wants you.
You catch that? He wants you. YOU.
It’s time to rise to the occasion. New beginnings, new wineskins and new wine. It’s all NEW and He wants to shape you and mold you and expand you, stretch your canvas to contain it, move your tent pegs outward so your arms can contain the more He has for you.
Aren’t you hungry for more? Isn’t this life absolutely BORING without Him? He is your greatest adventure. And if He’s not…
…You’re certainly missing out.