There’s a word that is building and burning in my soul. The writhing and fighting will not be in vain! You’re emerging! Like a butterfly from its cocoon, you are fighting against all that is trying to contain you; to keep you in the old season. But I declare that it’s time to break forth! Burst out like a butterfly, like a flower coming to bloom, it has risen from it’s death in the ground, come up from beneath the darkness, reached out to the light and it’s on the cusp of becoming all it was intended to be. The time of being chained, of being held back is OVER! The Lord says STAND UP AND BE WHO I HAVE CALLED YOU TO BE! You aren’t a wallflower! You were never meant to stand on the sidelines and just be. You were never meant to carry on day to day. You were not made for “normal” but abnormal! You were made for the Supernatural! To be a carrier of my Word and my love to the nations! To preach repentance and show the world how to truly live! Life has just begun for you, you have only just begun to see what I have in store for those who love Me. Your surrendered heart before me is most precious and your praises like incense rise up before me and I remember you. I remember the tears you have cried in the dark, the times when speaking my name didn’t grant you favor but trouble. But beloved! It’s time to stop dreaming about the future! It has arrived and you with it. You have grown and become all that I have promised you would become and I have brought you there. You have asked of me the nations and I have given. You have asked of me wisdom and I have given, you have held me to my word and I never lie. All I have promised is yours. Your children’s hearts? They are mine. The things you have held onto in hopeful anticipation, those things are also mine. You have freely surrendered those things to me. You have sought me above all else. You have desired me above all else. You have laid down your life and your plans and have taken up mine. So all that you have laid down shall be yours because I have given it to you. Don’t you see? I have leapt over mountains chasing after you, pursuing your heart in so many different ways and you have taken My love into your heart and let it fill you, repair you, and heal you. When things fail in life, you call out to me and I show up. Not always in the way you expect, but I’m there. Not always in the time you expect but still I show up in My time. I am calling you out. Arise from the dust, emerge from your cocoon beloved! Wipe the sleep from your eyes, it’s time to arise and emerge for the land I have for you to occupy is READY! It’s ready for you to occupy and the giants that you face you don’t face alone. I am there to stand with you, sword at the ready just like I was for Joshua, so will I be for you. The army that stands against you is all smoke and mirrors, they are giants of your heart. Surrender the battle to me as we walk together into the promised land that I have prepared for you since before time began. All that stands up against you stands up against me. Know that I have your heart in my hands and all that I plan is for your good. All that I allow is for your growth and cleansing so you can bloom the brightest. I want you to be a sign to the world that I AM here; that I have come to cleanse nations by healing hearts. I set you on display for all to see, like a royal diadem in my hand, I will show you off to all who will behold my face so they can see my work. The Great I AM has done a thing; can you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness, streams in the wasteland, turning rocks to flesh and growing trees in parched dirt. Oh come my children, and reach your tendrils of love toward Me and through you my spirit will stretch out into the land….Hark! Can you see there? Out in the distance? A tiny cloud the size of a man’s fist? Call forth the rain! Call forth the rain! It has come! The barren winter cannot hold on anymore! The season has changed right now here in this moment, not tomorrow, not next week or next year but TODAY! A new day has come!! Rise up my beloved!

Isaiah 35 New International Version (NIV)

Joy of the Redeemed


The desert and the parched land will be glad;

    the wilderness will rejoice and blossom.

Like the crocus, it will burst into bloom;

    it will rejoice greatly and shout for joy.

The glory of Lebanon will be given to it,

    the splendor of Carmel and Sharon;

they will see the glory of the Lord,

    the splendor of our God.

Strengthen the feeble hands,

    steady the knees that give way;

say to those with fearful hearts,

    “Be strong, do not fear;

your God will come,

    he will come with vengeance;

with divine retribution

    he will come to save you.”

Then will the eyes of the blind be opened

    and the ears of the deaf unstopped.

Then will the lame leap like a deer,

    and the mute tongue shout for joy.

Water will gush forth in the wilderness

    and streams in the desert.

The burning sand will become a pool,

    the thirsty ground bubbling springs.

In the haunts where jackals once lay,

    grass and reeds and papyrus will grow.

And a highway will be there;

    it will be called the Way of Holiness;

    it will be for those who walk on that Way.

The unclean will not journey on it;

    wicked fools will not go about on it.

No lion will be there,

    nor any ravenous beast;

    they will not be found there.

But only the redeemed will walk there,


    and those the Lord has rescued will return.

They will enter Zion with singing;

    everlasting joy will crown their heads.

Gladness and joy will overtake them,

    and sorrow and sighing will flee away.