A word from the Lord

I wrote this back on 9/27/2016, and as I go through one of my journals to record hand-written dreams, this one feels like it needs to be spoken out.

Rise, rise from the ashes from where you have fallen. Let them fall off you like a Phoenix in rebirth! It is a time to step forward and shake off all that has hindered you before. Arise and Shine my Bride! The time has come for you to take your place on the world stage. The world thinks they can shut me down, silence my prophets but it is THEY who will be silenced. Though buildings crash down around them not one of them will fall, not one of them will fail. My beloved, you now run on strength that is not your own. You are strong in me, continue choosing me, continue giving me your YES and I WILL give you the desires of your heart. Seek me, your first love and we will soar together on Eagles wings! We will soar over all the earth and all will see us and marvel for our love will be strong and unstoppable. Nothing will block your path! They cannot shut you down for the doors that are open for you now cannot be close by man. Move forward with faith and security. You will be provided for like the Israelites in the desert. I will give you all you need. We are one my love, I have come in YOU on earth, as it is in Heaven has begun. Let the world see your heart filled with my glory.