A Psalm to the Lord

Your Word is so beautiful, my Jesus You are STRIKING!
You capture my heart at every turn, your scent it lingers in my presence long after you have departed.
I long for you, long to hear your voice, long to see your face.
I desire to sit on your lap and lay my head on your shoulder and breathe in your comfort and peace, to drink of your love and eat of your sacrifice.
I desire to rest in your arms like a child taking a nap after playing carefree in your gardens.
Clothe me in your splendor, bathe me in your righteousness, may your scent become my own.
Let it soak into every fabric of my being so you will run off and leak out onto every person I encounter.
Make me your most beautiful maiden, wrap me in your garments, drape me in your jewels so the world sees nothing but your sparkle.
Allow me, your child, to be joined to the mate you chose for me from the foundations of the earth. Let us come together as one and seek you in your courts as a single heart bound by you and for you. May we live and be all that you need us to be and let us leave no thing of our inheritance on the table, oh my God and my King.
Whisper to us sweetly and lead us in your way everlasting.