The Great Awakening

The Lord has been speaking to me more often and more clearly than ever before but it’s also…different. I’ve had prophetic dreams all my life despite not knowing or understanding until I was an adult and it has simply evolved.  I am getting words, many words that upon awaking they are strung together to form a message. The Lord has used song titles and lyrics, numbers on signs and now I seem to have branched out to giving words of wisdom and encouragement to people.

Please don’t marvel, nor applaud. I’m just a regular person like you. I work 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. I go to church on Sunday, single mom with 2 kids, still have to mow my lawn, etc. I’ve asked the “why me” and have been told “Because I love you.” So, I just thank Him for choosing me. He’s given me a title that is difficult to claim…so we just keep it between us. Titles have connotations…

The message the Lord is sending…no, BROADCASTING is coming in LOUD and CLEAR. The Lord has told me, “The rain is coming, the rain is coming, the rain is coming.” He’s said to me, “More than you dare ask or imagine, more than you dare ask or imagine, more than you dare ask or imagine.” He’s also stated that our Tent Pegs, those things that keep us rooted and grounded are being pushed in, firmly secured- so long as we remain rooted in Him. You see…I think things are about to hit the fan so-to-speak.

Here’s a word I posted a few days ago on my Facebook page:

You dip your toe in my great pond. You think you have it, you think you have achieved this great thing, but really you have nothing but a wet toe. Plunge your WHOLE BEING INTO ME and I will give you the LIFE I have to offer you. The world says a wet toe is enough, but once you take the plunge with ME, it will never be enough and you will never return to a life of mediocrity because you will be too busy being immersed in the life of more than enough that I have for you.

The Lord told me that WE are the pillars standing near the healing pools of Bethesda. His people are the ones standing by assisting people into the waters, to plunge their whole beings in. He said that the Sleeping Church is entering this Great Awakening and with it there will be a famine. People will be STARVING. They will gather in search of food, Spiritual Nourishment, gathered together on the hillside.

Matthew 14:13-21 The Message 

Supper for Five Thousand

13-14 When Jesus got the news, he slipped away by boat to an out-of-the-way place by himself. But unsuccessfully—someone saw him and the word got around. Soon a lot of people from the nearby villages walked around the lake to where he was. When he saw them coming, he was overcome with pity and healed their sick.

15 Toward evening the disciples approached him. “We’re out in the country and it’s getting late. Dismiss the people so they can go to the villages and get some supper.”

16 But Jesus said, “There is no need to dismiss them. You give them supper.”

17 “All we have are five loaves of bread and two fish,” they said.

18-21 Jesus said, “Bring them here.” Then he had the people sit on the grass. He took the five loaves and two fish, lifted his face to heaven in prayer, blessed, broke, and gave the bread to the disciples. The disciples then gave the food to the congregation. They all ate their fill. They gathered twelve baskets of leftovers. About five thousand were fed.

The Sleeping Church will awake from it’s spiritual coma ravishing hungry in search of Spiritual Nourishment and the Lord says “You feed them.”

Are we ready? Us as the “front-runners”, the sheep who have stayed close to our Fathers side and have been prepared and made ready for this time in history, are we REALLY READY for the greatest revival this world has ever seen in history? I sure hope so.

The Lord keeps telling me to “Hold ON” with images of fast horses and roller coasters because this is going to begin to move quickly. That there’s a “Flood” coming. He showed me a vision of flash flooding and He said “Don’t be afraid, stand in ME and you will be immovable.”

I’ve been also giving words. Personal words when I’ve been led to. I read them afterwards because half the time I don’t remember what they say, but they bring even ME to tears. The Lord is so tender towards us. He loves us to tenderly and, and, and…so many ways, I can see them I can feel them and the words I seek to describe fail me…I fail at describing how wonderful the Fathers embrace is because words don’t do it justice.

But my favorite word of all lately was Him telling me that I (and many of us) have been waiting for a long time, some longer than others, for that person that the Lord had for us from before time began. The person we will be in ministry with, the person that we will be joined to and go out and do the fathers work…yeah that person…that they are coming.  Some of you (Like me) know who that person is and are waiting. Some are entirely clueless (yeah…to my dismay…) but He deposited into my heart, something altogether precious as I exited the bathroom at work:

“Turn around and see (I stopped and turned to look in the mirror). You are a Diamond, hidden in plain sight.”

As I cocked my head and paused, I saw a 1 carat rhinestone sitting on the granite counter top and picked it up. I thought to myself over how many times I’d passed it by. How many times I’d not seen it because it was hidden from me…I didn’t have the eyes to see it. But the Lord told me that He would begin opening the eyes of our hearts and that those who have waited faithfully for Him to bring about their spouse would begin to see movement. That we were entering a new time, a new era of fruitfulness for His people.


God is doing some amazing and wonderful and powerful things! Things in me, probably things in you too. Tearing out the lies that the world has deposited in our hearts, changing our mindsets and preparing us to be launched so we can feed His sheep like Jesus told Peter.

John 21:17
The third time he said to him, “Simon son of John, do you love me?” Peter was hurt because Jesus asked him the third time, “Do you love me?” He said, “Lord, you know all things; you know that I love you.” Jesus said, “Feed my sheep.”

I’m still waiting for you oh man of God. I know our time is almost here. I wish I could just walk right up to you and just spill my guts. I’ve been waiting almost a year…and still you don’t see me. You will soon. I stand firmly upon the promises of the Lord. One day, you will know my story because it is also the missing pages of your story.

A bientot,