The Lone Tomato

So, one of our (very gifted) pastors preached about a week and a half ago.  He said this:

“There are seeds that have been sewn in this church, in this nation, in your life, there are seeds of righteousness and they are things that you’ve forgot about. Things that have been hidden and you almost think they are dead. And because you just release those to God, you just spoke them out, and I believe God is springing up these seeds that have been planted. He is springing up the word that you forgot about, but he has not forgot about. The dream that you forgot about but He has not forgot about and all you need to do is spend time with the Giver and He’s going to remind you of the memories, He’s going to remind you of the word, He’s going to remind you of the dreams. And He’s saying it’s not far off. Isn’t it crazy just how seeds work as you plant them in the ground. And the faith of a farmer to say I trust whatever’s in that seed to do what it’s able to do. Right now it doesn’t seem like anything is happening, I put it in the ground and it dies but something is going to spring forth out of that because he has faith of the potential of the seed. And we know that the seed, in the Bible Jesus told parables and the seed was the Word of God. I feel like the seed could be anything but in this instance I believe there are some of you that have spoken things out, you’ve asked God, you’ve been like (my nephew) and said God I want a new daddy and it’s like this seed that has been planted in the ground and the moment that you asked it was planted in there and God has not forgotten.

“And some of you need to know that God has NOT forgotten you.”

“He has not forgotten what He’s promised you. He has not forgotten what he’s said about you…He hasn’t. He says In this time and in this season I will pour out my rain on this land and it will spring forth, it will bud and flourish and everyone will see it. It’s awesome because, when you plant you don’t just get one tomato, right? Hopefully not! With me, I’d probably get one tomato, that’s awesome, but when you plant whatever you don’t just get something, you get MORE than you asked for.  You were thinking just one midnight snack of a tomato – who does a midnight snack of a tomato? I dunno, somebody crazy…NOT ME (laughs). You were just thinking one little tomato but God was thinking more than enough, He was thinking tomatoes for your grandchildren. You were just asking for something for you but you didn’t know that it would impact the generations to come. You didn’t know that it was going to impact this city that you live in. That God is blessing you, and because he’s blessing you it’s an outpouring to everyone that lives in your neighborhood. And it’s the Gospel, it’s the truth it’s what God desires to do. And it’s not fairy tales because it’s real. He is the God of more than enough.

“He is the rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.”

I’ve been listening to his preaching over this last week and a half on repeat. Multiple times per day. The Lord has been speaking to me a message through this because guess what Pastor Nate:


I have ONE tomato.

It’s been discouraging for sure. This does happen to be my very first year that I’m trying my hand at this whole gardening thing despite the fact that I in no way have a green thumb. At all.

See for yourself:


This garden bed was FULL of living plants when I started and slowly, one by one bugs have invaded and destroyed. My peas are dead as doornails, the bugs keep eating my corn stalks (you’re curious where those even are aren’t you? Maybe you’ll see these tiny green things poking out of the ground on the left…yep, there they are!) My watermelon plant just disappeared and all that’s left is a little head stone…err plastic tag showing what used to be there.  I have one stumpy bell pepper aside from the tomato and that is all.  Here’s my raspberry bush!! It has LOT’S of thorns and dead leaves…no berries. Not even a sign of berries. Apparently they really don’t like sun…clearly…(I do realize after reading Matthew 13 that I probably don’t have enough soil depth…)


Then we have my red cabbage and my brussel sprouts. They have been picked at by bugs as well. There is holes all over those leaves…and yet…all I have are leaves. I do realize that this is the most pathetic garden I’ve ever seen. It should be FILLED with green vegetation, I should be enjoying the fruits of my labor. And I’m not. And I wonder…is that how the Lord feels. He looks down on this beautiful garden that He planted and all he sees is death, holes and a failure to thrive? How sad he must be for the millions upon millions that HE LOVES…and they are not bearing fruit. The bugs are attacking them and they still overcome the bug attacks and thrive right where they are but once they die…there’s nothing to carry on. They fight for their lives, they fight for living in the here and now but after that have nothing left.


But the Lord said to me “Amanda, all it takes is ONE piece of fruit to have enough seeds to continue planting and growing and thriving. All it takes is one healthy plant, and that plant will affect the world around it…


And encourage more flowers to bloom in it’s presence.


Just ONE tomato, can make a world of difference.  And sometimes we have to be willing to be the Lone Tomato.  But don’t worry, the Lord IS springing up the seed that you planted.

Isaiah 43:19
See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the wilderness and streams in the wasteland.