Heart of David

Late last year, I don’t know when and I can’t recall how…my note taking was not on point during that time…but the Lord likened me to Abigail.

If I was likened to Abigail, then the man I would marry would have to be like King David…and in fact at some point the Lord told me/showed me/placed on my heart that the man I would marry would be “Likened unto David.”

David had this heart for God. His tears and emotions and love for God on display in the largest book of the Bible. You can’t have a Bible without David and when you read it’s pages you can see how deep a relationship with the Lord can go….and Lord take me deeper still.

So this post is going to have references to things that you, dear reader, may not understand. This is for the encouragement of my own heart so I can draw out the things that the Lord has shown me and see how suddenly they are all tying together. I have to see it down all in one place.

The Lord brought me someone a number of months ago who has become like a sister to me despite our distance being great in physical proximity. She is also on a journey but she’s been learning about different things than I have and her experience and knowledge has been indispensable. Today, she asks me about a dream I’d had that we were discussing…about a checkpoint I have to pass through in my dream…a checkpoint that I NEVER DESCRIBED to her because I didn’t think it had any meaning.

So today kids, this post is made possible by the letter Chet:


So after she asked what my checkpoint looked like, I described it to her as the entrance to a ranch similar to this:


And she was like YES! I KNEW IT! And proceeded to share her notes regarding this letter…Which sparked my own study of it.

Not too long ago the Lord gave me 3 numbers.  66, 88, 111. And at first I was perplexed but I’m fairly certain I’m on the right track. But now I’m seeing so many of my dreams being tied together by this Hebrew character…the 8th letter of the Aleph Bet.

So Chet in Gematria  means 8 which is also depicted by this character that looks like a ladder.


I found these very interesting details on it. It’s the letter of life and living, of grace and wisdom. It’s also a letter of light- often believed to be the doorway of light from heaven. It’s also a picture of spending time in community…which is interesting because I know the word “Unity” has been placed on my life since a young age.

In Gematria, Chet is formed by 6 & 7, one value could be 13 which has the same value as the word Love. Love unifies us in true fellowship as depicted in John 17:22-23. Chet also represents the doorway of life, the Passover.

The number of New Beginnings which has been a theme in my dreams on repeat for a while now shown with many happy babies, colors and other things….

King David was the 8th son of Jesse. I was getting a massage from a wonderful local woman who is also a Christian and as we were talking she said…do you know a Dave? David? Dave or David??  I smiled.

One of my last dreams since the dream silence/pause I’ve had had 3 ladders each in a different color and respectively green, red and yellow. Between the numbers and the colors and meshing them, well, 88 days from the day of receiving the numbers (A day in May which has the color green associated with it- my first ladder) was in the month of July…which has a color of red associated with it…my middle Ladder. And 111 lands me sometime in November…that has the color yellow associated with it. My last ladder.

Did I mention that Chet/8 in pictograph looks like a ladder? Hmm…

Also associated to the numbers I have words: 66- King, 88- Bear, 111- Good

David was a king, the bear represents Abigails deceased husband Nabal, and Good…Well, he who finds a wife, finds a good thing…Proverbs 18:22. Nabal is described as “the man churlish and evil in his doings” (1 Samuel 25:3). Churlish means, a bear of man, harsh, rude and brutal. But Abigail was also described on Biblegateway as knowing God, and although she lived in such an unhappy home, she remained a saint. Her own soul, like that of David, was “bound in the bundle of life with the Lord God.” Which is a beautiful picture of a woman.

Something interesting about the 111  also:
111 = 1 + 10 + 100: In Gematria, the unities in numbers relate to the divine world, the tens relates to the spiritual world, and the hundreds relate to the physical world. Thus 111 contains unity in each of the three worlds.

Regarding Chet Cheth also symbolizes universal equilibrium, the reservoir of energy, the action of breathing the vital breath, the law of attraction and repulsion.

And as a resounding confirmation as I was discussing these very things with two of my friends separately who don’t actually know each other…Both of them said something that set my Spirit to humble tears for the rest of the day, on and off the following day and the remainder of the weekend:

Friend 1:
Number one….this fiancé guy in the dream is the REAL MAN God would have you marry since before time began.

Friend 2:
But… A thought to ponder…. He always designed for the two of you to be together. From the beginning.

And I cried.

Because I stumbled and fell. I undervalued myself and didn’t wait for you…yet you waited for me though you didn’t know who I was yet. So for my whole life I’ve felt that I was unworthy, and now I come to this precipice, this cliff overlooking all that God has for me and I want it so badly and yet I’m afraid you will reject me. And your rejection of me would be the single most painful event of my life. I’ve already shared the single most embarrassing moment of my life with you…and yet I stand by the words I said…I stand by God’s promise to me when He asked me to ask for you specifically.  Your words slashed my heart. I was undone after hearing them, and every time after that God spoke to me through them.

I’ve waited.

And after the Lord spoke to me through music with Jeremy Camp’s ‘Slow Down Time’, “Another day I’ve wasted wondering how it all ends up instead of resting, that it’s all in your hands, my only piece is waiting before you…”
And Sanctus Real’s ‘Black Coal’, “Do you believe in the restoration of a broken life, hiding behind a face yeah you never know what you might find…”

And the song that the Lord first used to reveal you to me…Needtobreathe’s ‘Over Now’, to remind me of His promise to me.

Lord, I will continue to wait. Though my heart is in anguish, I lift it up my heart to you and I find peace in the wait.

And for some reason lately you’ve been speaking to me through fortune cookies…I literally JUST OPENED THEM on that last sentence…


Loud and clear Lord…loud and clear…