Flight of the Eagle

A pastor at my church preached yesterday on a dream he’d had.  It was a confirmation of things that God has put on my heart the greater part of my life.

God’s been telling me lately that it’s time to prepare to step into the promised land. The divine purpose that is laid out before me.  Lately the pastors have been preaching on just that topic. Even our small groups on Sunday morning before service is geared at the book of Joshua.

When I was a little girl, I had a dream. It was a dream of roads that were turning into freeways and coming up to meet in the middle. The roads were lined with amber street lights that grew in frequency as we reached the top and there was no fear of crashing as all the cars were converging to this central place just above the trees.  A few months ago God reminded me of this dream as I’d begun wondering what God had for me; what my divine purpose was.


I keep that word in my heart and I often wonder…God, you brought me to a new church, I do now know few people, but very few. I tend to be shy…what can I do to bring people together? How can I help to unify a part of the body? I can’t do it alone, unity requires team work, people doing life together and living sacrificially. So my question no longer is “God what is my purpose?” but rather “God, how do I do this? How can we move forward?”

This weekend was a game changer for me. I’m not sure how the game changed but something changed, I could feel it. I could feel it on Friday.

“He is awakening His son’s and daughters.”

I can feel it, I can see it too. I can see and hear this message just spreading like holy fire across the nations. Revival, healings…people…regular people like me are realizing that spiritual gifts are NOT dead. That healing and miracles are NOT out of our reach. I claim them for myself and I also claim these gifts as well…I don’t think it’s a coincidence that they have been brought to my attention. Dreams, intercessory prayer, healing…All gifts to be had. Just ask.

So…the pastor preached and I cried. More like leaked. My face felt like it was just leaking like a faucet had been turned on and the tears wouldn’t stop rolling and I’d also been shaking/vibrating in the Spirit…Something I’d seen when I was younger and thought was strange but now that I’ve done it many times…it just cannot be helped and yes it puts me at near collapsing because my legs get weak.

“We know that God can bring something out of nothing.”  God can bring beauty from ashes. My ashes, your ashes. From out of the center of it you will rise up, a Phoenix of new life and you will be born anew with wings to fly.

“Moses was 80 years old when he was awakened into his destiny.”  Age has no bearing on your usability for God.

There was this one moment during his preaching where he gave Biblical defense of his visions and dreams…a defense I’ve had to give many times myself. And so he continued with things from his mind, things etched in that cannot be erased, things so fabulous and beautiful that we lack proper words to even describe what we’ve seen. And it’s so overwhelming to retell these things…How I wish I could make a movie so others could see what I’ve seen.


The kingdom of God is advancing. If you have eyes to see and ears to hear you can hear it and see it all over. People speaking prophetic words and dreaming dreams about the Kingdom on earth rising up to it’s divine purpose.

In his dream there was these waves of breath from these four horses that were the four winds of the earth and they will pour out the breath of God on the nations. The breath of God is activating us, the things we were destined to do and be for the Lord.

God has been speaking to me about freedom lately…well the last few months, as well. And every time that word comes up I lose it. Because I was released from captivity, from Egypt. I’ve been wandering in the desert for near on a year, I’ve had some losses along the way and some challenges, but I finally began trusting God for the manna he was and has been providing. And lately…He’s been telling me that the desert wanderings are almost at a close.

Then the pastor talks about the eagle…and I couldn’t keep it in. I’d really wished for a box of tissue…my jacket would have to do.  The eagle was in captivity for 31 years before it ever learned to fly. Someone decided to release it into the wild but because it had been in a cage for so long and he was so insecure about his abilities that he didn’t even know what he was capable of doing…Because he’d never experienced Freedom.

“They open up the cage door but the eagle doesn’t do anything. That’s because the eagle wasn’t in the cage, the cage was in the eagle. It was almost as if he was held captive by something inside. Fear had gripped him so much, limitation had gripped him so much that he wouldn’t awaken into his purpose. But know what was awesome about this story is while they were there, I don’t know if it was 20 minutes, 30 minutes, but this giant squeal…do eagles squeal? Yeah they do…But this giant squeal sound from the eagle (Another eagle I imagine) comes over the plain and the second this giant eagle heard it…

He took off. 

In a moment, something inside of this caged eagle, it broke. It broke when he was awakened. He was awakened by the sound.”

– Pastor Nate Devore

Our God is a chain breaker. I recall going somewhere with my kids, some event (Maybe Kuna Days?) and I picked up one of those rubbery bracelets someone had dropped. It was from Freedom Fitness, in Kuna. On one side it said Freedom Fitness and the other side it said “Breaking Chains” and through it God spoke to my heart. That’s what I did.  But sometimes after those chains are broken you look at your hands and feet that were bound and you have to take a moment to process your freedom. You stare incredulously at the pale skin that was hidden beneath the shackles as you’ve wondered for years if there was any skin left underneath.  Gatherings you passed up, friendships that lapsed, things you missed out on until you realize your life has become a prison. And with the walls gone, you stand there and stare at the emptiness surrounding you and wonder…have I finally died? Or are they really gone. So you do the same things you’ve done day in and day out waiting for someone to say “just kidding” as each day you gain more strength and more courage to push the boundaries until one day…

You take off.

And you run…as far and as fast as you can.

“Fear isn’t part of our instinct. We were made in the image of God…If you knew what you were capable of and your potential nothing would be the same.”
“We are carriers of the same presence, the same presence of God. The Spirit of God is hovering over the nations and He’s awakening the sons and daughters of God to their purpose, He’s launching them into their destiny.”

Daughter of God…your destiny was never meant to be a dark and cold prison cell. You were never meant to be chained to the wall longing for daylight, you were meant to soar and be free and fly on the wings of eagles.

Poppa God,

I pray for all the women who have endured abuse, abandonment trauma, addiction and any number of many other things who now struggle with worthlessness and fear and failure, the “never-been-good-enoughs” and the “not-strong-enoughs” and the “not-brave-enoughs” or not pretty enough or smart enough…Father God you are a God of second chances. Help us to trust you, to be brave and fearless and know that we are good enough, we are pretty enough, we are worthy enough because of YOU. Because you love us. And for the women who are free and single and wandering through the desert, may they look to you for their provision, may you be their husband and carry them through the hard things. Through the days when they aren’t sure they are going to survive the night, the days they pray that they die in their sleep. Wake up their hearts and their minds and pick them up from their prisons and lead them out! Help them to get up off the ground and stand with their head high and remember that princesses who are captured and thrown in a cell are always worthy of a rescue of epic proportions.

And their triumphant return to the palace walls makes all the people shout in victory…for we are one, and when a part of the body experiences victory, so do the rest of us. So Father awaken us. ALL of us into our purposes. May we be bold and brave and step out of our cages and leave it behind, from our minds, bodies and hearts. And help us remember that the scars we wear in victory always makes us more beautiful.



P.S. Once the sermon is posted on the site, I’ll link it here.