Dead Things

I practically tap-danced through Walmart. Singing and dancing looking at everything for particularly nothing. God had flooded me, my heart, my body and mind and it was uncontainable.

Saturday I spent cleaning up and removing things that no longer belonged to me. I grabbed clothes, shoes and stuffed animals and this one frog pillow that was given to me in high school sort of jumped to the forefront of my mind. I was already buzzing in the Spirit and once again God said,

“My Love, let the dead things die. Let them go.”

This qualified.

God first spoke these words to me a few weeks ago when I’d gotten a box down from the attic. Things I’d kept from before I was married and I pulled out a Barbie. To be clear this was not just any Barbie, but a 1973 Skipper doll. Her hair was red, her legs didn’t bend and she was in sad shape. Hair missing, cut with kid scissors and just feeling fried I’d begun to gently comb out her hair in an effort to make her look decent and it was as futile an effort as ever. I was looking at her with disappointment and the Lord said,

“Is this what you want to take into your future? You want to carry dead things with you?” There was a silent “no” in my heart as my children played noisily down the hall and He said,

“My love, let the dead things die.” And Skipper grew wings and flew into the wastebasket.

He said it in response to the broken Scentsy warmer that had survived a purposed swiping across the room over 2 years ago, and yet blossomed like an unnatural ceramic flower at the hands (err, feet) of my daughter recently. Let the dead things die.

The “just in case” inside me started to rebuttal and God reminded me that I was His daughter and if this new one broke, he would provide the funds for a new one. So I tossed it, albeit with a little reluctance.

I have come to this place recently of a divine UNATTACHMENT to things. When I want something that I don’t need or is too expensive (I shop clearance racks and thrift stores…expensive to me is not rock bottom) I hear (Isaiah 55:2) “why do you labor and spin for that which is not food?” Letting go has become one of the easiest things to do. Knowing God is my keeper and that He supplies my needs helps me to let go and be satisfied with less, and to give more. Because I’m not worried about it.

So with a skip in my step I willingly took a load to the thrift store…the frog pillow included because that friendship died before I was even married and I haven’t had another like it since. My heart to near bursting I willingly laid these possessions on the altar and sacrificed them so they were no longer a part of my identity…an opening God could step in and fill and assume more of my personhood.  While in that thrift store, God sent me on another adventure that included some misplaced gift cards in a donated box. Letting the dead things die brought me on a journey of redeeming qualities…Touching the lives of quite a few others.

I realize being pregnant with a promise also includes nesting; preparing for the manifestation of said promise. Just like a pregnant woman nests and prepares instinctively before the birth of their child, we also nest spiritually. I think this qualifies.



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  1. This is likely my favorite post of yours! I really love it and I so get it, to my own degree… Last night I was reading how God tells us to rejoice in God through all things. I’ve been missing that, but am getting there. This post helped me with that perspective a little bit… 🙂


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