Music and Time (Poem)

I hear some words about food, and you are my food.
You are the air that I breathe, yes you are in me,
the song that I sing, sing with me.
In harmony, we know all the words and we carry the tune through our souls
That flows out of our lips onto ears that hear and the eyes that see
Father God your love for me
You dress me in righteousness and you crown me in praise, Father you sing out my name and you give me your name.

We sing in harmony, the ebb and the flow, I hear your music wherever I go
The beauty of sound and of rhythm and rhyme,
You sing to me sweetly all of the time
You speak to me words so soft and to hear
I must be silent in your presence, yes very near.
To shout of your Glory, Your Power, Your Grace
You sing to me quietly of your love of this place
This place in my heart that I helped you clean out
The closet of dust to high to account
Of antiques and artifacts from all those old wars
That you fought by my side forever ago
We cleared out that closet, that dust is now gone
And I sing of your Glory from now until dawn
Of every new day I spend in your presence
And of every sight that I see that shares in your essence

Of your Glory and Goodness and Strength and of Power
Lord I can’t live without you for over an hour.
A minute or two is even too much to take
I can’t walk away or even break
For a second without you near by my side
Is just sheer torture for this future bride.

Amanda Fransen 10/5/2015

This is happening more and more often. I used to write like this ages ago. The spiritual inspiration is returning and I can’t hold back words anymore. It feels good to dance with words again. The black and white mingling on the page, making our hearts cry and our eyes ache for more of Jesus.